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Doing visceral manipulation for hiatal hernia

Pelvic Therapy Albuquerque

Through our Pelvic Therapy,
we aim to be your
Guide to Better Pelvic Health,
Reducing Worry, Anxiety and
Helping you Live the Life you were
Meant to Live.

Our pelvic floor therapist, Dr. Sunel, teaches you to work WITH your body while appreciating its healing capabilities.


We provide holistic pelvic therapy for all stages of life. 


We invite you to come when you go through pre-menopause and menopause. It's important to remember that experiencing leakage as you age is not normal.


Pelvic PT may help you avoid surgery or improve your recovery after surgery. We recommend a pelvic floor visit or two before surgery to strengthen your muscles and make rehab easier afterward.

Join us for all your pelvic therapy needs.

We can help with Leaking and Pain

or improve those Private Moments

behind closed doors.

Gut and Bowel Conditions are our forte.

It is time to look after yourself!

We understand pelvic floor problems- we have been there ourselves.

Dealing with pelvic floor issues can be challenging, as they often come with feelings of anxiety, fear, and embarrassment.


Your therapist understands it can be hard to leave the house when dealing with these problems. Dr. Sunel invites anyone suffering from pelvic floor issues to knock on her door.


The Cozean screening tool can help you determine whether you may have pelvic floor dysfunction and need to schedule an appointment with our pelvic health specialist. 

Pelvic floor conditions we treat:

Strengthening exercises with kettlebell for someone with prolapse
Pelvic model to teach Kegels

Examples of pelvic health questions we may answer during a pelvic therapy session:

- Should I do Kegels?


Please do not do Kegels without being evaluated by a pelvic floor specialist to see if they will benefit you.


Many people do not have true pelvic floor weakness but rather a disconnect between their brain and their pelvic floor muscles.


Doing Kegels for a short while may help those nerves connect again, but doing Kegels for a long time may cause a tight pelvic floor with tender points and create a new problem.


The pelvic floor is a postural muscle that supports our organs in the background, usually without us being aware of it while we move against gravity.


Training your pelvic floor functionally and ensuring it works with other postural muscles is much more beneficial than just doing strengthening exercises.


If you plan on starting a kegel exercise program, schedule at least one visit with a pelvic floor therapist to ensure you do it correctly and if necessary. 


- Did doing Kegels make my condition worse?


I have seen cases where people have worsened their condition by doing Kegel exercises incorrectly.


If you experience pain while doing Kegels, it's essential to stop and seek advice from a pelvic floor physical therapist.

- Should I avoid lifting and squatting when I was diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse?


You can do many things after being diagnosed with a prolapse. Be extra careful right after your pregnancy when your body is still healing.


Understanding why you have the prolapse is essential to avoid making it worse. Prolapse treatment and management are very personalized. It's best to see a pelvic floor therapist who can guide you on the best exercises.


But rest assured, having a prolapse does not mean you now have a long list of things you cannot do anymore. 

Please consult our clinic's pathway page for more information about pelvic floor therapy for prolapse.


- Is my pain coming from my bladder only, or is my pelvic floor involved?


Determining the origin of your pain is an essential question when you have been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis.


Most people with bladder pain will be surprised to find that their pelvic floor and nervous system are culprits in their pain patterns. 


You can also read more about how we treat pain by visiting our pathway page on pelvic pain

Feel free to schedule an appointment with us if you have any questions. 

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