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Doing visceral manipulation for hiatal hernia

Women's Health Physical Therapy

We provide women's health physical therapy through all stages of life. We invite you to come when you go through pre-menopause and menopause. Remember, leaking as you get older is not normal. An evaluation to prevent problems later in life is also recommended. Have you ever wondered if your pelvic floor is a part of your orthopedic problem? Pelvic physical therapy may help you avoid surgery or may help you do better after surgery. We recommend a pelvic floor visit or two before surgery to strengthen your muscles so they function better after surgery. We answer questions such as Should I do Kegels? How should I exercise after a hysterectomy? Should I lift my baby when I was diagnosed with a prolapse? Is my pain coming from my bladder only, or is my pelvic floor involved? 

We understand - we have been there ourselves.

Dealing with pelvic floor issues can be challenging, as they often come with feelings of anxiety, fear, and embarrassment. Your therapist understands it can be hard to leave the house when dealing with these problems. 

Dr. Sunel teaches you to work WITH your body while appreciating the body's own healing capabilities. She invites anyone suffering from pelvic floor issues to knock on her door. We can help with leaking and pain or improve those private moments behind closed doors. It is time to look after yourself!

This screening tool can help if you are unsure if you need to schedule an appointment with our pelvic health specialist. 

Strengthening exercises for prolapse
Pelvic model to teach Kegels
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