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Anatomy game for child with urinary leakage

Pediatric Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Child bowel and bladder problems

Did you know?

Constipation may be the root of all bowel (fecal incontinence) and bladder accidents (bedwetting and daytime leaks) in children. Some are surprised to learn that your child, no matter their age, has no control over their bowel and bladder accidents. It is not their fault. Their bodies cannot read when the accidents are going to happen.


Some families are told that their children will eventually stop having accidents; however, this is not always the case. Unfortunately, some children continue to struggle into their teenage/adult years, and the family suffers from the psychological consequences. Please know that we can help.

We Play

Our pediatric treatment sessions

The Game of Life: We navigate challenges and find success through play.

Depending on your child's needs, a pelvic floor treatment session may utilize the following strategies:

- Toys and puzzles to teach your child about anatomy, how their body works, and their problem. 

- Fun gross motor equipment, such as a rebounder, balance beam, and other gross motor toys/games, so children can understand how their pelvic floor works during such activities. 

- Teach your child how to push, contract, relax, and use their pelvic floor muscles during toilet time and other activities. (See video below)

- Surface EMG, a biofeedback system that allows both the parent and child to see the pelvic floor function on a graph displayed on a computer screen. This information can help the child understand how to properly use their pelvic floor muscles and track their progress over time. 

- Massage, visceral manipulation, stretching, and strengthening exercises tailored to your child's needs. 

- Teaching your child the best posture and breathing techniques when using the toilet and also what an ideal stool form looks like. 

- Educate your child about diet and other strategies to help with their problem. 

- Access our library of books, which your family can borrow as part of a home exercise program. 

Pediatric Treatment Video Example:

See this example of how to teach a child to breathe when preparing for a bowel movement. 


Please note that the baby turkey was Mom's idea. So much credit goes to our amazing parents!

Our pediatric pelvic floor therapist:

Sunel has extensive experience working with children of all ages in various settings, including early intervention (babies/toddlers), the school setting, outpatient pediatrics, and home health.


She uses games and a fun atmosphere to motivate learning and will listen to and hear your child and you as the parent.

potty books to teach child constipation

I have never met a therapist with so much love in her heart. She has the magic touch with kids. She won my child over with her bubbly personality and playful attitude. He was scared at first, but realized it was actually fun after Sunel gave him a big smile and started playing silly games with him. He thought we were just going to her office each visit to play with her. Little did he know each game was working on a specific skill. We went from not being able to leave our house because of potty issues and having it rule our world, to thinking the potty is awesome and listening to our bodies when they tell us when to go! She is a miracle worker, you won't regret it.


Examples of what we treat: 

Bladder Problems

Difficulty potty training

Daytime leaking





Bowel Problems


Fecal leaking

Muscle incoordination

Withholding behaviors

GI symptoms/IBS/Pain

Surgery (please see us before and after surgery)



Chronic pain

Bowel & Bladder

Fecal Incontinence



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