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Visceral Manipulation Physical Therapy 

Do you suffer from abdominal pain, hiatal hernia, IBS, constipation, or have scar tissue after a cesarean section, injuries, or surgeries? Did you know that scar tissue can start causing problems years later? Did you know most of our organs and body parts are connected through fascial connections? For example, there is a direct fascial connection between your liver and your bladder. Did you know a physical therapist can help you with these?


Visceral manipulation therapy is a gentle but precise hands-on manual therapy technique used to help the body loosen restrictions around your organs so that they can glide smoothly in their natural space. These restrictions in the fascia can happen due to past trauma, a sedentary lifestyle, or past illness. Visceral manipulation therapy addresses a range of conditions and works very well in conjunction with pelvic floor treatments. 


Physical therapist performing liver mobilization
Physical therapist performing abdominal mobilization

Example of Visceral Manipulation:

Suppose you are experiencing slow bowel movements or constipation. Your therapist will use gentle techniques to mobilize your abdominal sphincters and improve blood flow to your digestive system by mobilizing your mesenteric root (the root that holds your small intestine). Your therapist may mobilize your rectum through your stomach, your colon, and other organs that may play a role in your problem. Your therapist may find issues far from where you feel discomfort and treat the related areas. All of these techniques will be gentle and pain-free while you can fully relax.

How do I find a therapist?

Please contact us at Trailhead Pelvic & Visceral Physical Therapy if you need this excellent form of manual therapy. 


For more information about visceral manipulation, visit this page about Jean-Pierre Barral, a French osteopath and physiotherapist who developed visceral manipulation. If you need visceral manipulation or organ treatment, we highly recommend that you seek out a local therapist who is Barral-trained. Studying through the institute ensures rigorous training and precise, pain-free techniques. You should NOT feel any pain during your visit or have any bruises after your treatment session. 

Visceral manipulation to small bowels

"I was thunderstruck with the benefits I experienced as a result of visceral manipulations."


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