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Orthopedic Physical Therapy

You do not have to have a pelvic problem to see us; we treat any orthopedic condition. 

Some individuals with orthopedic issues find seeing an orthopedic physical therapist who can also do pelvic physical therapy worthwhile to rule out any possible pelvic floor contributions to their symptoms.

Evaluating hip range of motion

Orthopedic evaluation

Extensive education

Personalized exercises

Manual therapy techniques

Movement and posture analysis

Home exercise and self-help tips

Treatment plan with personal goals

Therapist performing tibial nerve mobilization

Orthopedic conditions

Hip pain


Groin pain

Sacro-iliac pain (SIJ)

Piriformis syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Tailbone pain (Coccyx pain)

Temporomandibular pain (TMJ)

Person stretching her leg

Back/neck conditions

Nerve pain


Nerve entrapments

Back pain/neck pain


Thoracic outlet syndrome

Whiplash/seatbelt injuries

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