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Need Pelvic Health Physical Therapy in Albuquerque?

Our Pelvic Floor Therapist is here to Answer your Questions. 

Welcome to Trailhead Pelvic & Visceral Physical Therapy for your first pelvic floor visit.

Table of Contents:

Your First Pelvic Floor Visit

Tips for Success

Your Guide to Better Pelvic Health: Reducing Worry and Living Your Best Life

Man With Pelvic Pain Walking in Fields
Your First Pelvic Evaluation

Our Pelvic Floor Specialist, Dr. Sunel, will make it easy for you:


Your First Pelvic Floor Visit/Evaluation

- How long will the evaluation take? 


We offer 90-minute or 60-minute evaluations for your convenience and preference.


We'll email you the paperwork beforehand to save time during the evaluation.


- What should I wear?


Feel free to wear comfortable clothing for your visits. 

- What happens during the first pelvic floor visit?


Since we perform holistic treatments and examine many aspects contributing to your problem, a complete evaluation may take more than one visit.


During the first visit, we may evaluate some elements contributing to your symptoms and start with some treatment approaches.


Your pelvis is part of a whole, and we would not provide you with good care if we examined it alone. Your therapist, Sunel, will conduct an orthopedic evaluation, assess your posture, movement, breathing pattern, sleep, and diet, and ask about your daily routine.


If you consent and if relevant, she will also conduct an external and/or internal pelvic floor evaluation during your first or second visit. An internal assessment can provide valuable additional information to help you heal.

Remember, no topic is too sensitive to discuss, and we will take our time to listen to and support you.


Understanding your pelvic floor is the first step toward healing. 


At the end of the visit, your therapist, Sunel, will tell you what she found during the evaluation. With your therapist, you will decide on goals and devise a treatment plan that works for you. 

(We have a blog post specifically geared towards the first visit for male pelvic floor therapy.) 

Tips for Success for pelvic floor visit

How to have the best experience during your Pelvic Floor PT session:


Pelvic Floor Sessions: Tips for Success 

- What is my therapist's overall goal at Trailhead Pelvic Therapy concerning my evaluation and treatment?


First, we want to help you get better and find the answers you are looking for.


It is very important to us that you feel that your visit here has been worthwhile and that you have been heard, appreciated, and recognized.


And our favorite moments are celebrating your success with you along the way. 

- What can I do to get the most out of my pelvic floor sessions?


We ask that you work with us throughout this journey since we will function as a team.


We encourage you to relax and open up to us without fear of judgment.


We hope that you will make the most of your time here, use it to learn as much as you can about your condition, and, above all, celebrate that you are taking care of yourself.

- I am still a little apprehensive since my problem is very personal. What else do you do to make things easier for me?


Building a solid relationship with you is our top priority! That's why we guarantee you'll have the same caring and dedicated pelvic health therapist throughout your entire care plan. And we have to add that Sunel, our therapist, absolutely loves her job and spending time with her clients. 

In case of an emergency, we've got you covered! Our office has a private restroom that is accessible at all times. 
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