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First, a Thank You from Trailhead Pelvic & Visceral Physical Therapy:

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has taken the time to review our clinic. Your reviews spread awareness that help is available for pelvic and abdominal issues, making it easier for others to receive the help they need. Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Our Clients Says:

Angela Abeyta

Pregnancy review NM

"Sunel is the go to for all types of pelvic floor physical therapy needs! She is exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to pelvic floor health and her patients. Absolutely the best care I’ve received! You will be in the best hands!"


Manual therapy review NM

"Sunel converted me from being a skeptic related to visceral health issues, to being amazed about the possibilities and options for treating visceral problems."

Elize Brink 
Pelvic health review

Thank you Dr Sunel for your patience and empathy while helping me with my bladder problems. I am doing the exercises and there is improvement. I highly recommend you as a pelvic floor therapist with outstanding experience and knowledge!

Anina du Toit

Pelvic health review

"Sunel's expertise and care for people is something that I cannot forget! Sunel gave me excellent information regarding bladder function and what is good or bad for the bladder. "


Pelvic health review NM

"Sunel is fantastic and extremely knowledgeable and professional PT re: this sensitive topic of weakened pelvic floor muscles. I have improved greatly with her treatment protocol. I recommend her highly."

Orthopedic review NM

"Sunel was very informative, got right down to the bottom of my issues, and gave me a plan to follow to help fix my issues. "
Albuquerque balloon fiesta

Patrick Wylie 
Prostatectomy review NM

"My story began in the Summer in 2021. I was having a difficult time urinating. I couldn’t get into my primary care doctor for 3 months because he had so many other patients. I knew something was seriously wrong with me so I found a physician that could see me right away, and he prescribed medication for my symptoms. The medication didn’t work. I battled for a month with this doctor to try and get a referral to see a local Urologist. The Urologist had a 5 month wait after I finally got a referral.


These delays were unacceptable to me, so I advocated for myself and contacted the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale where I had been seen for prior physicals and colonoscopies. They got me into the Urologist within weeks for a consult and within a few more weeks for a biopsy. I was diagnosed with a fast-growing Prostate Cancer. My options were a total radical prostatectomy or radiation. I chose to have surgery. The surgery removed my prostate but they were able to spare one bundle of nerves so there was the hope for near normal recovery but no guarantees.


Months after surgery I began to get very discouraged because of the uncontrollable incontinence and ED. I found that I was avoiding almost all activities because of the terrible feeling that I had wearing diapers and not being able to stop the leakage. Depression was just around the corner.

At my 3 month follow up with the Mayo Clinic’s Urologist I explained my situation and they recommended that I start Pelvic Floor Therapy.


I began my therapy with Dr. Sunel Vanderwalt at Trailhead Pelvic & Visceral Physical Therapy, and I have made tremendous progress in just a few weeks. Dr. Vanderwalt is very professional and passionate about helping her patients. I now have confidence that I will begin to see normality return to my life. My outlook is positive, and I know I will continue to improve my quality of life. I was amazed at how Dr. Vanderwalt knew exactly how I was feeling, and she was able to prescribe effective exercises and techniques for me to use. This type of therapy is a life changer for me.


I hope that I can pay it forward and encourage anyone experiencing these conditions seek this kind of therapy. It truly makes a difference in your life.

Patrick Wylie

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